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What You Can Expect if You Are Behind on Your Mortgage in Knoxville

Take action now if you're behind on your mortgage and avoid foreclosure.
Getting Behind On Your Mortgage Payment Can Be Scary!

It’s unlikely that you ever imagined that you could be in a position where you couldn’t make a mortgage payment. However, when you’re facing financial difficulties and can’t make payments, it might leave you wondering what you’ll need to do. Although you may have a grace period, don’t become dependent on it. Also, review the terms of your loan to learn about penalties and how to prepare in case you don’t make a payment.

If you’re aware that you won’t make the payment, make the first move and contact the lender. Explain your hardship and find out how they can help you through a rough period with any repayment programs and other possible avenues of resolution, depending on your specific circumstances. We will discuss what you can expect if you’re behind on your mortgage in Knoxville.

Initial Missed Payment

Passing the late payment threshold, typically 15 days, means you can expect to incur late fees if you’re behind on your mortgage in Knoxville. These late fees are commonly 4 or 5 percent of the mortgage payment. If you pass the 30-day mark, your delinquent payment will appear on your credit report and drop your credit score. Many factors determine how much of a drop your score will experience; needless to say, the better your score, the more you have to lose. If you find yourself in this situation and have yet to reach out to the lender, now is the time to take action.

36 Days Late

After 36 days without a payment, your servicer must reach out to you and attempt to discuss the situation causing you to be behind on your mortgage in Knoxville. And should you have reached the point of missing your first month and surpassed 45 days without making a payment, then you can expect your lender to assign someone to your case to explain the options available to you. 


You can expect your servicer to have several options to help you if you’re behind on your mortgage in Knoxville. But, first, you must express your interest in a loan workout to your servicer. Then, you’ll be required to apply, and your servicer must request any missing information on the loan workout application within five days of submission. Finally, within 30 days, your servicer is required to provide you with the options available in your case.

120 Days

If you have yet to submit a complete loan workout application, you can expect your servicer to begin the foreclosure proceedings if you’re behind on your mortgage in Knoxville. However, if you submit a completed application 37 days before a scheduled foreclosure sale, more often than not, your servicer must check into your eligibility for a loan workout.

Loan Workout

Suppose you are behind on your mortgage in Knoxville, and you submitted your loan workout application 37 days before the foreclosure sale. In that case, one of three scenarios must have occurred before your servicer could start or continue with the foreclosure process. The first occurrence would be a determination that you don’t qualify for a loan workout. Secondly, if you should reject the mortgage servicers offer for a loan workout. And the last condition, if you agreed to a loan workout and failed to live up to your word, such as missing a payment during the trial period, they may proceed with the foreclosure process. You may have as little as seven days to respond to your servicer should they make you an offer for a loan workout.


Under the condition that you submitted your loan workout application 90 days before the foreclosure sale, you can seek a review of the servicer’s decision, and they must assign someone uninvolved in the initial decision.

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