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How to Sell a Mobile Home Without a Real Estate Agent in Knoxville

Selling your mobile home without an agent is easy.
It’s not always necessary to hire an agent to sell your mobile home.

Want to sell your mobile home in Knoxville but don’t want to deal with a real estate agent?As a result of the high commissions that they charge, it is understandable why so many owners try to sell a mobile home without an agent. However, just as embarking on an adventure without proper knowledge is likely to end in disaster, homeowners wind up wondering what went wrong weeks or even months after their initial project was completed. Mobile homes tend to sell for less when they’re on the market for a long period of time.

Fear not; there are simple fixes to homeowners’ errors when venturing into the world of the [makret_city] real estate market. Read on to learn how to sell a mobile home without a real estate agent in Knoxville.


First and foremost is the price you list to sell a mobile home without a real estate agent in Knoxville. Overprice your property and the tech-savvy buyers searching the internet are likely to pass right on by an incorrectly priced property; they have a high level of understanding about current values in the real estate market. In the same token, undervaluing property can scare off buyers who will likely assume a significant problem with the mobile home hidden in the listing. It’s helpful to consult a real estate professional to assist you in comparing recent mobile home sales nearest your property with the most like features to your home. An experienced investor like those atTennessee Property Liquidators LLC will provide this data for you in full detail, so you can compare what you’d earn selling with an agent or through a direct sale and decide which method is best for you, with no obligation.


It’s time to get ready, so grab your wallet and head to the hardware store. It’s essential to add a fresh coat of paint and do a little updating to help sell a mobile home without a real estate agent in Knoxville. Don’t forget about curb appeal, which goes a long way towards selling a mobile home; make sure your landscaping is well trimmed, consider lighting for security, and there is a pleasant entryway to your home. If any repairs would be apparent to buyers, complete the work before showings. Suppose you can’t afford to complete the repairs or simply have no interest in going through the nightmare of getting the repairs done. In that case, the alternative is to receive insulting low offers, or the buyers may ask for credit towards the repairs far beyond the actual out-of-pocket cost. 


You must understand that most buyers search for homes to sell a mobile home without a real estate agent in Knoxville via the internet. Therefore, high-quality professional digital photography is a must with mere seconds to catch your potential buyer’s attention. You should also consider the services of a professional drone pilot for a 360-degree virtual tour of your mobile home and property. You should also be aware of the power of staging, a method of presenting your home as a neutral canvas upon which buyers can use their imaginations to paint an image of themselves living in your mobile home. Finally, remove all items of a personal nature such as photographs, prominent professional sport team emblems, and other small possessions around the home typically referred to as clutter.


Let’s face it, and it’s hard to sell real estate without providing easy access to the property for showings. Therefore, you must make your home available whenever you have an opportunity for a showing because you never know which buyer is the right buyer when trying to sell a mobile home without a real estate agent in Knoxville. You should have a system in place so that last-minute showings are a breeze. It’s helpful to have any necessities packed and ready to grab and go. You may be surprised at all the activities that you can find to do locally in  Knoxville with children or pets to keep them entertained while you wait to return home. Regarding pets, remove any sign that they live in your home. In keeping with the theory of staging, the presence of a pet’s belongings could burst the buyer’s imaginary bubble, and they could walk away. 

Tennessee Property Liquidators LLC

Our goal at Tennessee Property Liquidators LLC is to save you time and money while making the process quick, painless, and easy for you. That’s why Tennessee Property Liquidators LLC is your best choice to sell a mobile home without a real estate agent in Knoxville. At Tennessee Property Liquidators LLC, you won’t pay any commissions, and there are no hidden fees in our contract, which is straightforward and upfront about the transaction. In addition, direct buyers from Tennessee Property Liquidators LLC will lay out the numbers used to add up the offer, which you’ll agree is fair.  Contact Tennessee Property Liquidators LLC at (865) 685-4985 to learn more!